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Did you know proper roof ventilation can also reduce energy costs and help regulate the extreme temperatures inside your property? 

Our expert team combines the most innovative roof aeration techniques with energy-efficient vents to reduce energy consumption and maintain a comfortable environment for all our clients.

We are equipped with impeccable skills and vast knowledge of every type of roof ventilation situation:

  • Commercial Roof Vents Services
  • Industrial Roof Ventilation Services
  • Residential Property Venting Services
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Benefits of Roof Ventilation

The Western New York area is subjected to extreme weather, especially in the winter. One of the many benefits of proper roof ventilation is preventing ice damming. Ice damming occurs in the winter months when the cool air from your attic combines with the heat from the sun, causing the ice on your roof to melt and refreeze. These ice dams can back up behind and underneath the roofing materials, causing damage to your entire roofing system, attic, and even the inside of the walls of your home. Roof ventilation is also good for:

-Saving on energy costs
-Extending the overall life of your roof
-Mitigating the build-up of dampness and mold
-Preventing structural damage due to moisture
-Reducing heat concentration

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At Stellar Roofing, we offer efficient commercial roof vents, aeration techniques, and other services we can customize for you. 

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Our team of expert roofers maintains a professional demeanor in all circumstances. Expect timely services, exceptional workmanship, and adherence to all industry standards and regulations.

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We prioritize your needs and concerns, tailoring our property venting services to suit your specific requirements.

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