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How Much Does a Roof Cost?

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Understand Roofing Expenses To Make Smart Decisions

If you’re asking yourself “How Much Does a Roof Cost?”, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts in Western New York assist property owners in understanding the roofing pricing guide and upgrading roof costs.

Roofing services can be expensive. The cost depends on factors like roof size, materials used, installation difficulty, property location, and more. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your roofing project.

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Determining the Cost of Your New Roof

Roofing contractors use roofing squares to determine the cost of your new roof. One roofing square measures out to 10' x 10' or 100 square feet. The average house is roughly 20 squares or 2,000 square feet.

Another determining factor is the cost of the materials. Here at Stellar Roofing, we use premium shingles such as 50-year high-definition shingles. Premium shingles cost around $500 to $785 per square, or $10,000 to $15,700 for a 20-square roof.

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Transparent Pricing for Roofing, Gutters, and Siding Services

At Stellar Roofing, we use market studies to set our prices, so you get the best value for your money. Residential roof costs are calculated based on material quality, size, craftsmanship, and local market trends. The goal is to provide durability and attractiveness at a competitive price.

We plan our commercial roof expenses carefully to ensure long-term business success. We use industry knowledge to provide strong solutions that fit your budget

When it comes to the cost of our siding services and the gutter installation prices, our upfront pricing takes into account material choices, project scope, and the latest industry standards, ensuring your home gets a stunning transformation without unexpected costs.

At Stellar Roofing, we prioritize transparency, quality, and client satisfaction. Trust us for reliable, cost-effective solutions backed by thorough market research to meet the unique demands of your roofing and exterior projects.

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