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Stellar Windows & Doors is Pittsford’s trusted glass and window team that specializes in custom window installation, replacement, cleaning, and repair services. We’re the best choice for your window needs because we have years of experience helping clients like you!

Let us know where you’re thinking about placing your windows in your commercial or residential property, and we’ll come up with some appropriate shape and style ideas. We can present you with popular choices in our window product lines or design your perfect custom windows using your specifications and the latest technology.

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Schedule an Appointment for Biannual Window Cleaning in Pittsford, New York

Dirty custom windows can block natural light and take on a lackluster appearance. No one wants their guests, loved ones, or clients to see that, so schedule a cleaning appointment with our window company today! We’ll get your windows looking streak-free and beautiful in no time.

Your custom windows deserve the highest level of care possible. Available in many unique shapes and custom specifications, you can create the ideal window with our team. Keep your custom window in outstanding condition with at least two cleaning appointments a year.

Why choose us for a semiannual window cleaning service?

  • Our company has a positive reputation in Pittsfield, NY.
  • We have the proper glass window cleaning knowledge.
  • We’re capable of safely cleaning any custom window.
  • As Pittsford’s trusted glass and window team, we protect your property and custom windows by using tarps and suitable gear.

Replacement Windows Are Available in Many Shapes and Styles

When you need a top-of-the-line window replacement in Pittsford, NY, you can choose from our vast selection of custom window options. Both our custom windows and items in our window product lines are made with high-quality and energy-efficient glass. You can decrease the total cost by seeing which sale products are in stock and fit your preferred style and shape.


If you prefer custom windows that don't open, consider fixed windows. Create the perfect shape and opt for custom hardware for these immovable windows.


A well-known operable window style is casement, opening to the left or right like a door with a crank mechanism. Our builders can create other types of operable custom windows and walk you through which ones might be best for your business or residential property.

Window Within Window

If the shape and style of a standard offering isn't cutting it, don't worry! Our custom window within windows are available too, and you can choose from non-traditional and unexpected shapes. Tell us which custom size, style, type, and finish you want, and we'll ship it in around 90 days.

Quality windows will keep you and your loved ones safe against the sun’s harsh UV rays. Summer heat will be less likely to cause discoloration to your furniture, and you won’t be as cold in the winter with energy-efficient windows. Increased energy efficiency also causes your energy bills to decrease and will save you money every month.

Indicators You Need Window Repair in Pittsford, NY

Windows of all styles and shapes require repairs from time to time, but hopefully not too often. Signs you need window repair include:

  • Your window is in bad shape and is over 20+ years old
  • You have broken hardware or window glass
  • Your windows don’t fit properly
  • Drafts, bugs, and pests are coming in through window gaps
  • Your glass windows are foggy and block natural light

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Get The Custom Window You Want!

The beauty of having a custom window is that you’re getting whatever you want! Why settle for premade windows when you could design a custom one that checks every box? Custom windows may be the way to go if you have a specific aesthetic for your home.

Besides crafting a custom window for you, we also can determine which window treatments in Pittsford, NY, fit with your glass windows. Options may vary based on the type of window you have, such as double-hung, picture, slider, and other customized windows.


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At Stellar Windows & Doors, our friendly team will help you achieve the windows of your dreams. Once you choose a custom window style and shape and approve our quote and design, you’ll receive immediate shipping for your product. We are proud to provide our services to Pittsford, NY, and the surrounding communities and encourage you to request a free quote.

You can start on your custom window build directly on our site to get an idea of various prices. Call or text Stellar Windows & Doors, Pittsford’s trusted glass and window building experts, at (404) 662-2560 to discuss your needs. You may also fill out our online form.