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Niagara Falls Windows

As Niagara Falls’ trusted window company, Stellar Windows & Doors offers the most affordable and energy-efficient windows around. Our custom window design and installation services are unbeatable and provide long-lasting window results. See why so many choose us for everything related to their doors and windows in the Niagara Falls area. So call us today!

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Custom Window Installation in Niagara Falls, NY

Quality windows are essential to any window installation or replacement project, but the quality of the installation itself is just as important. Trying to save money with DIY installation or hiring a general contractor can be a mistake unless you or the contractor have considerable experience with window installation techniques and technology.

We’ve installed windows across the Niagara Falls Area for years. You can see what types of windows are available and what they look like once we’ve installed them by visiting our online portfolio. We’re confident that you will be impressed by what our artisans can create.

We Offer Window Replacement in Niagara Falls, NY

Bring more natural light into your Niagara Falls property with our professional window installation services. Having installed many replacement windows throughout the years, we have no problem with any type of window. Some popular replacement options include:


Fixed windows provide protection and need little upkeep. Every window may play a significant role in the structure of the house. You can also add glass accents in a variety of forms to your walls.


Operable windows are simple to clean and maintain and allow you control over the airflow in your house. Adjust the size and form without compromising usefulness.

Window Within Window

One of our most common window installations is the window-within-window style. The window-within-window structure may be combined with a number of elements, such as transoms and sidelights in different forms.

Working with Niagara Falls’ trusted window group means you can create the exceptional glass windows that you’ll love for years. The standard option for a custom window includes tempered glass, but you can switch this out for privacy glass or frosted glass for a small fee.

If you’re still unsure, think about these benefits of getting custom windows from us:

Achieve Your Desired Results

If you have a shape, design, color, hardware, style, and size in mind, that’s perfect. We promise your glass window finished products blend seamlessly with the rest of your house. They’ll look amazing from the inside and out.

Make Your Ideas a Reality

Taking custom window ideas and making them real is what we do best. Our skilled craftsmen create the glass windows our clients want by closely following the given shape, dimensions, and detailed instructions.

Work With a Trustworthy Team

Our contractors have installed hundreds of Niagara Falls doors and windows of every shape, size, and possibility. Residents of the area often recommend our services or return to us for all their other window and door needs.

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Our Other Niagara Falls Window Services

Besides producing unparalleled custom windows, we also provide related glass window services. Protect your glass window investment and keep them looking flawless with two window cleaning appointments a year. You also can turn to us for fast window repairs in NY.

Window Cleaning in Niagara Falls

Let your glass windows sparkle and shine with dirt-free surfaces. Our glass window cleaning pros can clean even the strangest shapes and tallest heights, so you never have to break a sweat. If you book an appointment with us, you’ll have the cleanest windows in Niagara Falls!

Window Repair in Niagara Falls

Today, windows are available in many more unique shapes and styles. When yours break or experience damage, call us to restore your glass window and keep it in top shape. Visit our site or call us to request an estimate for a repair service appointment.

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Allow Stellar Windows & Doors To Meet Your Custom Window Needs in Niagara Falls, New York

Stellar Windows & Doors has the greatest selection of replacement windows and options for custom windows around Niagara Falls, NY. Whether you want to install new windows or require window repair or cleaning services, our knowledgeable staff stands ready to help. You can request an appointment or get more information about our windows by contacting us.

As Niagara Falls’ trusted window and door company, you’re in good hands with us. Text or call (404) 662-2560 to talk to a staff member. You may also submit our online form.