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If you need replacement windows or a new door, look no further than Stellar Windows & Doors, where you can receive the best doors and windows in Irondequoit, NY. Our team of professional window experts can install, clean, or repair your windows – whatever you need! Our business crafts quality windows with the latest technology to provide our clients with options that look great and don’t need replacing for several years.

You can call, text, or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for a window installation, replacement, repair, and cleaning service. We have the best prices around!

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Custom Windows Done Right In Irondequoit, NY

Our team is the best choice for quality window replacement in Irondequoit, NY. We follow an organized process to create your new windows and have large product lines for you to browse. While you can choose a standard offering, consider why a custom window is beneficial:

  • Custom hardware, shape, color, style, and grilles
  • Get the exact look you want
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Higher property value and curb appeal

Enjoy Energy Efficient Windows from Stellar Windows & Doors

Glass windows and doors with a higher energy efficiency offer phenomenal benefits. Energy-efficient windows will last longer and are unlikely to need a replacement before the end of their expected lifespan. Additionally, they block heat from the sun’s rays and protect your interior belongings from bleaching.

Check out our showroom-worthy window product lines to see what speaks to you! You can also browse our selection of doors to ensure they pair well together. We provide the hottest selection of window and door options in an endless range of styles for Irondequoit residents. What type of window do you prefer? Many windows are available at a good price, including:


Fixed windows provide protection and need little upkeep. Every window may play a significant role in the structure of the house. Add glass accents in a variety of forms to walls.


Operable windows are simple to clean and maintain and allow you control over the airflow in your house. Adjust the size and form without compromising usefulness.

Window Within Window

One of our most common window installations is the window-within-window style. The window-within-window structure may be combined with a number of elements, such as transoms and sidelights in different forms.

While we’ve installed many custom windows over the years, we’ve also cleaned the windows of Irondequoit businesses and residential properties. If you’re still unsure whether or not professional window cleaning is right for you, consider the following advantages:

Let Natural Light In

Discolored, dirty, or fogged-up glass blocks light from entering your commercial building or home. Having access to sunlight is good for your mood and body. Clean windows in Irondequoit also protect your investment.

Save Time

Trying to clean your windows yourself can create a huge mess, especially if you have many windows, high ceilings, and hard-to-reach areas. Our door and window cleaners can do the work while you relax and enjoy your beautiful windows.

Enjoy Crystal Clear Glass

If you want your professionally installed glass door or windows to have good visibility, book a professional cleaning. They’ll also stay in better shape and impress neighbors if you keep up with maintenance.

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Stellar Windows & Doors Offers Unbeatable Custom Windows

Choose from our wide range of discount windows in Irondequoit and explore unlimited glass window ideas. Along with replacement windows, we also offer fast and efficient window repair in Irondequoit, NY. Choose our company and reap the benefits of working with a fantastic team.

Vast Selection of Unique Shapes and Styles

Find the appropriate style and shape for your feature. We can work on the design, construction, and installation of your new door or window.

Affordable Windows and Sale Options

While we already have low prices, you can choose from our sale options for an even better deal. Find a window that fits your budget, then request a free service quote.

Talented and Detail-Oriented Builders

You can expect to receive your energy-efficient custom window in around 90 days or less. If you pick an in-stock glass window, it will take around a week to arrive. Our highly skilled craftsmen are some of the best in the industry.

Better Energy Efficiency

Start off your new construction on the right foot with a custom glass window or door. Maximize energy efficiency with our functional and technologically advanced options. You can also keep your property’s interior climate comfortable with these new windows.

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