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If you’re like us, the thought of window shopping at a big box store fills you with feelings of dread. Why would you want boring, bland, cookie-cutter windows? Instead, let our professional artisans give your home a touch of the extraordinary that grows from your own inner creativity. At Stellar Windows & Doors, our company leads the industry in designing and building custom windows in Greece, NY, and the surrounding cities. In addition to our custom window product lines, we offer services for window installation, repair, replacement, and cleaning. So if you’re already dreaming up unique shapes, styles, and colors for your ideal windows, it’s time to partner with our artisans to turn your dreams into reality.

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Custom Window Design and Fabrication in Greece

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you need to design custom windows for your home. We’re ready to handcraft our custom window product lines to your exact specifications for shape, size, style, and color. Every window and door we have for sale provides superior durability, energy efficiency, and visual appeal, eclipsing every other standard offering for windows in Greece. You can choose between fixed or operable styles, and all our windows are available with precision-fabricated metal mainframes and individual sections of dual-pane Low-E glass.


If you prefer your windows to focus on style and aesthetics over functionality, then a fixed model is probably the best choice for your home. These energy-efficient windows don't open to the outside after you've installed them. However, windows that open often have limited options regarding shape, size, and style due to their moving components. However, our fixed windows offer a vast selection of customizations and design options to suit whatever you prefer.


Operable windows are the traditional choice for many homeowners in Greece as they provide lots of natural light and ventilation. We can create a diverse range of custom operable windows, which come complete with our energy-efficient glass and your choice of color, shape, and size. While they're not as efficient as fixed windows, they are perfect for any home improvement project you're starting, like a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Window Within Window

Our window within windows option mixes the fixed and operable designs by placing a block of fixed window panes in between two glass panes that can be opened and closed. This type of window has a huge rectangular form and may illuminate a whole wall with its natural light thanks to its ability to cover the full wall.

At Stellar Windows & Doors, we’ve spent years of hard work and dedication to build our business as one of the best for custom windows in Greece, NY. Although we’re most well-known for our custom window designs, we serve our friends and neighbors in Greece with window replacements, installations, glass repairs, and cleaning services.

Custom Window Installation for New Construction

If you’re remodeling or starting new construction, installing high-quality, fully customized windows is one way to increase the value and return on your investment. Once we start working on your design request, our builders will work hard to complete your custom windows so you can have them installed as soon as possible.

Full-Service Window Repair in Greece, NY

Neglecting to fix window damage like broken glass or faulty seals can increase the amount of money you pay to heat and cool your home. Don’t worry; we can help. Our business performs standard and custom window repairs, and you can count on us to provide top-quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

Professional Window Replacement in Greece, NY

Investing in replacement windows and doors can help you save money by improving your home’s energy efficiency. We can help you design and customize the perfect replacement windows for your home in Greece, making the process as stress-free as possible. Fill out an online quote to tell us the shapes, styles, and sizes you prefer for your new windows, and our artisans will create a custom product using precision engineering and fabrication to meet your specifications.

Keep Your Home Looking Beautiful with Window Cleaning in Greece, New York

Dirt, dust, and grime on your windows and doors can block visibility, scratch the glass, and release contaminants into the air. Instead of neglecting this important task, call Stellar Windows & Doors to request a window cleaning appointment with our experts. When we finish, every window and door in your home will be spotless and streak-free.

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