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When the average and ordinary just won’t cut it – for those who don’t take less than extraordinary – Fairport’s trusted window designer and fabricator is ready to bring your innovation and creativity to life. At Stellar Windows & Doors, we offer a vast selection of elite-quality product lines for our custom windows and doors, from the traditional to the ultra-modern. Whether your priority is energy efficiency, unique shapes, aesthetic style, function, or maximizing natural light, our talented artisans and builders will work tirelessly to create a superior final product that meets your specifications.

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Extraordinary Custom Windows From Fairport's Trusted Glass and Windows Designer

When you partner with our company to design and build custom windows for your house in Fairport, NY, you’ll find yourself in the hands of talented experts. In fact, there’s no such thing as a “standard offering” in our custom product lines.

Our artisans use precision engineering technology to fabricate every window, featuring energy-efficient Low-E glass with double panes and a metal mainframe. We offer custom windows available in any shape or style you prefer, including fixed, operable, and metal. Once you determine which glass and window materials are the best choice home, we’ll help you start the customization process.


A fixed window stays in place after you've installed it, providing better insulation and energy efficiency than operable windows. In winter, a fixed window traps heat inside your house for longer, and vice versa in the summer, so you save more money on energy bills every month. Plus, our fixed windows are available in a much wider range of custom design styles than operable windows, giving you more freedom for personal expression and creativity.


Operable windows are the most common window style you'll see when visiting friends and neighbors in Fairport. Our operable custom windows are available in similar styles, shapes, and designs as our fixed models. However, their hardware components and frame allow them to open, which gives your home lots of ventilation and natural light. While they're not as energy-efficient as a fixed window, operable models provide greater functionality and convenience.

Window Within Window

We use double-pane, tempered, and Low-E glass with individual panes in every custom window we manufacture for exceptional insulation and energy efficiency. Our expert artisans use cutting edge technology to achieve the best shape, size, and style of every custom window for climate-specific performance while still honoring the client's specifications. With new energy-efficient windows, you won't have to worry about overpaying to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Besides our services for custom window designs, we’re also Fairport’s trusted window company for installation, repair, replacement, and cleaning.

Custom Window Repair Systems in Fairport, NY

If your home has a window with broken glass or damage, we can help. Repairing high-end custom windows usually requires the work of a skilled contractor. That’s where we come in. You can call or book online now to request an appointment for window repair and get your home looking brand-new again.

Custom-Built Replacement Windows for Your Home

Does your home have windows with an unconventional shape? Many of our Fairport had trouble finding skilled professionals to provide custom window replacements that suited the unique specifications of their homes. You can trust our team to create replacement windows to fit your home’s precise window shapes and sizes. Get started now with a quote right here on our website.

Professional Window Cleaning in Fairport, NY

If you recently installed custom windows in your Fairport home, don’t forget to schedule regular cleaning services to keep them in top condition. Our team will go over every inch of your window glass and hardware with safe, effective cleaners, leaving a flawless, streak-free shine every single time.

New Window Installation for Construction Projects

Do you need a talented professional to install high-end custom windows in your new home? Call the experts at Stellar Windows & Doors. We have a selection of custom window models that are made to measure in a versatile range of shapes and sizes. With durable construction, metal frames, and tempered, Low-E glass, our new custom windows will deliver maximum efficiency and performance.

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Our custom window designers have an expert talent for merging beauty and visual appeal durability. Every window we stock for sale offers a contemporary aesthetic and effortless functionality, with styles that include fixed, operable, metal, and window-within-window.

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