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East Aurora, NY Windows

Trust the professionals at Stellar Windows & Doors when you need the highest quality custom windows in East Aurora, NY. When you buy windows from Stellar, you can enjoy full customization, beauty, and style beyond the standard offering. Our artisans and builders spend every day handcrafting custom-designed windows in all different shapes, styles, and specifications. Each custom window we create has the same simple yet sophisticated aesthetic while still providing superior functionality and energy efficiency.

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Enjoy the Beauty of Custom-Built Windows

When you need custom replacement windows for your house, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Stellar Windows & Doors. Our product lines include fixed, operable, metal, and window-within-window options, all customizable at your request to the exact style, size, shape, color, glass, and material you prefer.


Every fixed window we create is handcrafted by our artisans with meticulous attention to detail and extraordinary artistry. These beautiful glass windows have clean lines and airtight construction that allow natural light to brighten every corner of your home. Fixed windows also provide excellent insulation and energy efficiency compared to operable windows and a much broader range of customization options. Plus, there are no hinges, hardware, or tracks, so they only require minimal maintenance.


Operable windows are the best choice for homeowners in East Aurora who want a traditional aesthetic and effortless functionality. Compared to a fixed window that doesn't move after it's installed, an operable window has components like a sash, hinges, or a slider that lets it open for ventilation and fresh air. Also, every operable window in our product lines features individual glass panes between dividers for a high-end look and maximum durability.

Window Within Window

Our custom windows are available in all kinds of unique shapes and styles, and there's no need to sacrifice aesthetics for function, or vice versa. We're the premier custom window designer and fabricator in East Aurora and the best choice for window and door installation, repairs, and replacements. We will go the extra mile to meet your every need. It's easy: just request a quote from our website and explain the design style and materials you want. We'll take it from there, with stock orders shipped within a week and custom designs in a month.

Through hard work and dedication, we’ve built a strong reputation for our business in the East Aurora community. Our clients trust in our extraordinary craftsmanship and outstanding service, and we offer competitive prices and a hassle-free process for designing and creating custom windows. Our window services also include installation, replacement, repair and cleaning.

Custom Window Repair and Replacement Service

Have your windows seen better days? Whether you have cracked or broken glass, leaking seals, rotten frames, or other damage, don’t worry. You can call us now for fast and professional window repair or replacement services. However, we recommend investing in energy-efficient replacement windows featuring the latest technology and high-quality glass, which look amazing and help you save money on energy bills.

Window Cleaning in East Aurora, NY

Are you tired of looking at dirty, dusty window glass? If so, it’s time to schedule an appointment for window glass cleaning with our team. Dirty windows don’t just limit visibility; they can have harmful substances like mold, allergens, dust, and grime. By keeping up with regular cleaning services for your home in East Aurora, you can have sparkling clean windows for maximum beauty and sunlight inside your home.

Custom Window and Door Installation for New Construction Projects

If you’re remodeling or building a home, installing custom windows and doors can increase the return on your investment. Every decision is yours to make, from the shape of the window to the glass and the number of dividers and frame color. If you want a special custom window that will block UV rays and provide superior heat insulation, we can do that. Maybe you want fixed bay windows installed in the family room. We’ll help you make it happen.

We Install Energy-Efficient Windows

The energy efficiency of a window depends mainly on the quality of its glass and frame materials. At Stellar Windows & Doors, our steadfast commitment to excellence regarding our glass, frames, and fabrication process is one reason why we’re the preferred choice for custom window fabrication in East Aurora, NY. We only use Low-E, dual pane, tempered glass to ensure peak energy efficiency and insulation.


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