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Depew Windows

When you need custom windows in Depew, NY, for new construction or replacement windows, choose Stellar Windows & Doors.

We’re the source for custom energy-efficient windows in a variety of shapes and styles. Let our team of artisans and customer service specialists help you navigate our vast selection of windows.

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Customize Your Windows in Depew, NY

On the Stellar Windows & Doors website, you can choose from our standard offering windows or create your own custom windows based on your personal style. Set every aspect, from the shape of the glass to the frame options, to your specifications. If you are not sure what style of window you need, talk to one of our window experts to create the perfect custom window ideas for you.

Your choice of window glass allows you to create a custom experience for anyone who visits your property. The shape of the custom window and the type of glass influences light levels, accentuates different aspects of the decor, and adds a new dimension to your design scheme.

Attractive and Energy-Efficient Windows, Depew, NY

Choose custom window frames and glass options that fit your needs at Stellar Windows & Doors. We offer privacy glass, frosted glass, and other window options. Unlike many other window and door companies, we create custom windows that use a separate pane of glass between each divider. Many homeowners don’t realize how much of an effect custom windows can have on their home’s energy efficiency. Thanks to recent advances in window technology, a wide variety of custom insulating window designs are available.

Visit our showroom or browse our website to view the standard offerings and get a sense of the style or shape of the custom window that is the best fit for you. If you don’t see a window or door in the shape you want, talk to our window specialists about the custom design process. We’ll work with you to create perfect doors and windows in Depew, NY.


Fixed windows offer security and are easy to maintain. Every window can be an integral part of the home architecture. Embellish walls with glass elements in various shapes.


Operable windows give you control over the airflow in your home and are easy to clean and maintain. Customize the dimensions and shape without sacrificing utility.

Window Within Window

The window-within-window design is one of our most popular window installations. You can combine the window-within-window format with a variety of features, including transoms and sidelights in various shapes.

The seasons take their toll on windows in Depew. If they are drafty, broken, or simply out of fashion, let us help you install your next window treatment. Custom replacement windows can last longer and give you more control over natural light levels.

Give your home a new style with custom decorative glass, attractive frames, and custom designs. Save money on heating bills with new windows that offer exceptional heat retention. Your window replacement can be the starting point for a home remodel that transforms your living space and enriches your quality of life.

Window Repair in Depew, NY

If your windows are structurally sound but have minor damage, such as cracks, broken locks, or water damage, talk to a window repair expert at Stellar Windows & Doors. We can handle all shapes and styles of windows with our efficient window repair systems in Depew, NY.

Window Cleaning in Depew, NY

Don’t let filthy windows spoil your view. Take advantage of our window cleaning services to make sure the glass and frames of your windows look exceptional, inside and out. Clean windows let in light more efficiently, increase the curb appeal of your home, and last longer than neglected ones.

When you see what our windows look like installed in your home, we’re certain you won’t want to let the glass get dirty. After your walkthrough,¬†schedule an appointment for one of our window technicians to clean your newly installed windows.

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Choose Stellar Windows & Doors as Your Custom Window Contractor in Depew, NY

Stellar Windows & Doors is the leading window company in Western New York. We provide high-quality custom windows in unique shapes for new construction, window replacement, and window renovation projects in any style.

We stock a wide variety of custom door and window installation hardware. We can ship custom windows to you within 90 days of your order and send off-the-shelf windows within a week.

Discover why Stellar Windows & Doors is the best choice for custom window installation, repair, and cleaning services. We offer quality work, to your specifications, for your home or business. With our sale pricing and promotions, you won’t have to worry about getting the best price for custom windows in Depew.

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Call 404 662-2560 to speak with an artisan about your custom window or door installation project, or if you prefer, contact us through our website. Request information about which windows are available and explore your options for customizing your windows in Depew.