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People across the country know Western New York for its heavy snowfall and high winds, both of which can be hard on the windows. Whether you need new windows that will last for decades or replacement windows to repair damage after a storm, Stellar Windows & Doors is the best choice for custom window solutions. Get new windows in Buffalo today!

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Custom Window Installation in Buffalo, NY

Quality windows are essential to any window installation or replacement project, but the quality of the installation itself is just as important. Trying to save money with DIY installation or hiring a general contractor can be a mistake unless you or the contractor have considerable experience with window installation techniques and technology.

We’ve installed windows across the Greater Buffalo Metropolitan Area for years. You can see what types of windows are available and what they look like once we’ve installed them by visiting our online portfolio. We’re confident that you will be impressed by what our artisans can create.

Custom Windows in Buffalo, NY

We sell custom windows in a vast selection of shapes, sizes, and styles so that you can choose the perfect ones for your home or business.


Fixed windows offer security and are easy to maintain. Every window can be an integral part of the home architecture. Embellish walls with glass elements in various shapes.


Operable windows give you control over the airflow in your home and are easy to clean and maintain. Customize the dimensions and shape without sacrificing utility.

Window Within Window

The window-within-window design is one of our most popular window installations. You can combine the window-within-window format with a variety of features, including transoms and sidelights in various shapes.

When you choose Stellar Windows & Doors to customize your windows, you can count on exceptional results. Our team of skilled artisans creates exceptional designs according to your style and precise specifications.

Metal Windows in Buffalo, NY

Metal windows have durability and style that many other window materials can’t match. Our metal window frames feature the latest technology. The hardware that we use to attach and mount windowpanes is sturdy and suitable for custom window installations.

Window Glass Choices in Buffalo, NY

Once you decide on the shape and size of your custom windows, you will need to choose the right type of glass for each windowpane. We create custom glass solutions for a variety of applications. Shape the glass into patterns that accentuate your custom design and architectural features.

We use only the highest grade of glass in our custom window creations. Request new or replacement windows with custom features that meet your structural or design needs. Our custom window options include the following:

  • Double-pane windows that can keep out the winter chill
  • Frosted glass and privacy windows that let in natural light without letting your neighbors see inside
  • Window glass tailored to the characteristics of the Buffalo, NY, climate

Whether you want a standard window or a custom window, our artisans will design and construct the window glass you need. If you don’t see what that you need, an artisan can work the glass into whatever shape you wish.

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Window Repair in Buffalo, NY

Summer heat and Buffalo winters cause the materials in windows to expand and contract, placing stress on the frames and damaging the glass over time. If your windows are showing their age, you can avoid the cost of window replacement in Buffalo, NY, by repairing your existing windows.

Have our experts inspect your windows to determine whether we can restore some or all of your windows. We can replace glass panes, restore the shape of bent metal frames, and do whatever it takes to bring back the former beauty of your windows in Buffalo, NY.

Window Cleaning in Buffalo, NY

Once we install your windows, why not keep them looking perfect by signing up for our professional cleaning services from Stellar Windows & Doors? We use the best cleaning solutions and old-fashioned hard work to achieve a deeper, more complete clean than you will get from any other window cleaning company.

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Get Windows in Any Shape and Style With Stellar Windows & Doors

Our company provides custom windows for Buffalo’s historic homes and new developments. Explore our stock and choose a standard offering, or, if you prefer, create a custom, energy-efficient window arrangement that brings out the best qualities of your property.

Our services have helped builders, investors, developers, and homeowners implement their ideas for interior and exterior design. We provide assistance and material support at every step in the construction or renovation process. You won’t have to worry about aesthetics, energy efficiency, functionality, and durability when you order custom window services from Stellar Windows & Doors.

For professional-grade window hardware to custom windows in Buffalo, NY, call Stellar Windows & Doors at 404 662-2560. Talk with a window expert for help choosing energy-efficient windows from our inventory or to request our help designing custom windows in creative shapes. Ask our team about sale and promotional pricing. Get more information today.