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The Importance of Proper Roof Ventilation

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Roof ventilation is a key component of any roofing system. There are a number of jobs that it has, and all of them are equally important. As a homeowner, it is important to understand why proper ventilation is important because this knowledge can save an enormous amount of time and effort in the future.

Proper Roof Ventilation Regulates the Temperature

Adequate ventilation in your roof regulates the temperature of the building. During the warm summer months, proper ventilation will help keep your home cool. Similarly, it will also keep your home warm during the winter. If there is insufficient roof ventilation, still air will build up under the roof and cause your living space to be uncomfortable. In turn, your air conditioning and heating system will have to work harder to create a comfortable environment in your home.

It Increases the Lifespan of Your Roof 

When there is proper roof ventilation in your home, excess heat will have a place to escape and will not sit stagnantly and gather on your roof. If heat builds up, it can damage the wood framing and underlayment in your attic. Your roof’s support will be at risk for further damage. When the moisture and heat have somewhere to escape to, the roofing materials on your home will be better taken care of without your physical labor.

It Prevents Mold and Mildew

Without proper ventilation, your roof will lack moisture control. The excess moisture that you create from doing daily activities such as laundry, taking a hot shower, and cooking can accumulate with nowhere to go. This can cause moldy smell in your home. If left untreated, deterioration of the structural components and insulation of your home can occur.

It Prevents Ice Dams

New Yorkers are fully aware of the dangers of icicles hanging off the side of a house. During colder climates, ice dams can form when the warm air from the home melts the snow on the roof. The snow then refreezes before it has a chance to be completely removed from the roof. Although this sounds harmless, this can lead to damage to the roofing materials. Ice can refreeze under the shingles of your roof and lift them up. It can also be the reason why you notice water damage and leaks in your home. With proper ventilation, the roof of your home will remain at a consistent temperature and reduce the risk of ice dams forming. 

If you have questions or concerns about the roof ventilation system in your home, call and talk to one of the experts at Stellar Roofing. Our specialists are available to address your specific needs and help you get the longest life out of your roof. 

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