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A Homeowner’s Guide to Replacing Your Roof

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Replacing your roof is a big project, unfortunately, it is not something you can put on the back burner for too long. When it comes to the safety of your family and belongings, the roof over your head is not negotiable. There are many things to consider when you are looking to replace your roof. Luckily, you are in the right place.

Is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

You might have the option to make minor repairs before it is time to replace your roof completely. When the damage to your roof will cost more than 50% of the replacement value, it might be time to get a new roof. After all, there is no point in spending money to repair when you will replace the roof in a few years anyway. Here are some signs that your roof is beyond repair:

  • Multiple missing or broken shingles 
  • Sagging
  • Cracks that cause leaking to the inside of your home
  • Water damage 
  • Old age – your roof is over 20 years old

What Is the Best Roofing Material for Homes in New York?

The state of New York has a variety of climates throughout the year. Depending on where you live, your choice of roofing material should be dependent on what will give you the best durability and longevity.

These are the most popular types of roofing in New York:

Flat Roofing 

Flat roofing is popular in places like New York City where winters are brutal and residents can expect an average of 25 inches of snow yearly. Flat roofs allow for proper drainage so the snow will fall off the roof and onto the sidewalk. 

Flat roofs are also popular in the city because they allow residents to take advantage of the space. Residents often use their rooftops for social gatherings and personal projects such as gardens and greenhouses. 

Metal Roofing 

Metal roofing is becoming more popular in New York buildings, especially commercial ones. Metal roofs can last many years past the lifespan of other types of roofs – up to 40 years to be exact. This material is waterproof, wind and weather resistant, and extremely durable. 

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

The primary benefit of asphalt shingle roofing is the price. It is cheap to install and maintain because if a couple of shingles are missing or damaged, they can easily be replaced. Consider asphalt shingle roofing if you live in a damp, shaded area because they are normally resistant to mold and mildew. 

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

Several factors go into determining the price of your roof replacement. These include:

  • The size of your home
  • The materials used
  • The number of layers needed

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